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1st Marine Division Boxing Team

Specialized Combat Training


The 1st Marine Division Boxing Team from Camp Pendleton turned to the  Lee Espinoza Coachella Valley Boxing Club for specialized training.


Eight active duty Marines traveled from the coast to the desert to spend several weeks inside the legendary trainer's boxing camp.


They focused  on defensive skills, hand speed, punching power, and endurance. The effort was for a showdown against
The Royal Marines in London in an event called The Rumble Across the Atlantic.

Photo: Lance Cpl. Megan Brown
Espinoza Honored


The 1st Marine Division Boxing Team returned from London to the Coachella Valley to honor their coach Lee Espinoza.

Showing their appreciation for Espinoza's effort, the men autographed the official Rumble Across the Atlantic event poster and framed it.  Included were several team photos.

The Rumble Across the Atlantic took place on May 3rd and 8th, 2018 at the Royal Lancaster Hotel, London. The Royal Marines were victorious winning 7 bouts. The 1st Marine Division won 4 bouts. Proceeds from the event will benefit Royal Marines injured during active duty, suffering from PTSD, and their families. Due to the success of this event the USMC boxing program has been reinstated.

The Few, The Proud
& The Legend - Video


Legendary Boxing Coach Lee Espinoza trains USMC 1st Division Boxing team. Anthony Alvarez takes us inside this specialized training camp and shows us what it takes to win.

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