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"It Looks Like Vegas!"

by ANTHONY ALVAREZ  January 13, 2019


Coachella, Ca.

Local boxers and trainers were stunned. When they walked into the Lee Espinoza Coachella Valley Boxing Club for the first time this year, they thought they were somewhere else. The boxing club recently received a makeover.

For decades the interior walls were two-tone in color: light & dark blue. Now the new colors are burgundy and beige. First, all news clippings, posters, and banners were removed and stored. Then, all the walls were primed and painted by Antonio Banda of Fairway Painting. The project took almost three weeks and was completed on Friday, December 28, 2018. Even the two boxing rings got a new look. The ropes were upgraded and the floor canvas is bright red. Legendary trainer and club manager Lee Espinoza says the boxing club’s new look is brining plenty of positive feedback.  “They (visitors) all say it looks like Vegas. It looks bigger, brighter. It looks like a brand new gym. They love it.”


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