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Arlanza Amateur Boxing

by ANTHONY ALVAREZ  September 29, 2018

Team CBCV (From left to right) Marcos Millan, Joey Alvarez, Ricky Duarte, Sonny Alvarez, Armando Navarro, Jocelyn Camarillo, Luis Gomez, Ace Camarillo, Adrian Vega, Jose Valdiosera, Nathan Huerta, and Angel Duarte.

Riverside, CA.
Five youth boxers representing the Coachella Valley Boxing Club (CVBC)
competed in the Arlanza Community Center Amateur Boxing Competition. The event was sanctioned by USA Boxing. Jocelyn Camarillo (14), Luis Gomez (11yrs), Angel Duarte (13), Ricky Duarte (13), and Armando Navarro (17) participated which resulted in the Team CVBC bringing home three trophies and two medals.


The next round of amateur competition is in Calexico on Saturday, October 13th.
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Armando Navarro
Angel Duarte
Jocelyn Camarillo
Ricky Duarte
Luis Gomez
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