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by ANTHONY ALVAREZ  October 17, 2021
Legendary boxing trainer of champions Lee Espinoza and others are officially inducted into The West Coast Boxing Hall of Fame (WCBHOF). The 5th Annual Banquet of Champions took place on Sunday at Loew's Hollywood Hotel in Los Angeles. 
President/Founder Rick Farris presented awards to 17 honorees. 
Inductees ranged from professional boxers to artists to journalists, and more. Espinoza received the Cleto Reyes boxing glove award and plaque honoring years of dedicated service as a trainer and mentor along with his impact to the sport of
Those inducted were Oscar De La Hoya, Eder Jofre, Fighting Harada, Michael Nunn, Gabriel Ruelas, Rafael Ruelas, Johnny Tapia, Ceferino Garcia, Adrian Arreola, Sue "TL" Fox, Art Hafey, Richard Steele, Robert Diaz, Roy Englebrecht, Lee Espinoza, Douglass Fischer, and Albert Reyes.

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